Celebrating Earth Day 2021 With Action

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Celebrating Earth Day 2021 With Action

It’s April 22, and today we are celebrating Earth Day! Whatever way you choose to celebrate today, whether it’s a walk through the woods, picking up litter, planting trees, recycling or cycling instead of driving, it is important to make these environmentally-conscious choices every day.

So, we want to suggest one of the many ways to go a little greener when it comes to your shopping habits! It is actually super easy to both support your local businesses and choose more Earth-friendly ways of shopping for all your household essentials and food.

Check out below some wonderful businesses featured on Dundee Directory that will help you better care for your planet.

The Little Green Larder

The Little Green Larder offers a plastic free shopping experience, with zero waste alternatives to inspire us to create a greener future. Click here for their listing on the website.

Here at The Little Green Larder we have a selection of over 300 refillable items including whole foods, dried foods, sweets, liquids, cleaning products and more. Customers bring their own containers to fill up, eliminating the use of single use plastic that is polluting our planet. Our weighing system is really easy to use: 1) Weigh your container 2) Fill it with a product 3) Re-weigh your container 4) Pay at the till
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Love Your Planet Broughty Ferry

A zero waste retail shop open in the heart of Broughty Ferry, a suburb of Dundee situated only 5 miles from the city of Dundee. Click here for their listing.

In store we have over 60 large dispensers and 16 large scoop bins filled with every day products such as pasta, rice, flour, cereals, snacks, pulses, beans and baking goods. We also have a vegan sweetie & traditional Scottish sweetie shop, herbs, spices, oils, ciders, vinegars', laundry detergents, cleaning products and personal grooming products!

We encourage you to bring your own containers to take the produce you need but we do have paper bags for you to fill as well. If you do bring containers the process is very straight forward:

Step one - pop you container on the scale and select the option 'I have an empty container to weigh' then press print. At this point the scale prints a sticker label with a bar code that has the weight of your container.
Step two - go fill your container with what you would like to buy. We are on hand to help you but its very easy!
Step three - pop your container back on the scale and select the option 'I have a filled container to weigh'. The scale will prompt you to scan your label from step one. This minuses off the weight of your container so you are just paying for the weight if the goods you are buying. Once you have scanned your label a list of products will appear on screen, set up in categories such as nuts, pulses and grains. Then you select what you are buying and press print. The scale gives you a second label that states what you have bought, the weight of what you bought and the price. This is the label I scan when you come to the till to pay.
Other products for sale to help you to reduce waste include soap dishes, reusable sanitary products, bamboo toothbrushes and reusable bags along with many other products.

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Dundee Dairy Co.

An independent family owned milk delivery service based in the heart of Tayside. 100% recyclable glass bottles without loss of quality or purity with free delivery. Click here for their listing.

We began our journey with nothing more than a vision to create an environmentally aware, sustainable business with a key objective to make a difference to our local community and contribute towards global waste reduction of non recyclable products. Our aim is to deliver products at affordable prices with unrivalled customer service. We are committed to working in collaboration with other likeminded businesses to deliver these products and inspire our customers to “Think Global, Act local”.
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