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dundee deliveries during covid 19

Welcome to OneDee Business Directory

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The global pandemic CoVid-19, as we all know, is causing a huge disruption to local businesses unlike anything our generation has seen before. Rewind to 6 months ago, most of us wouldn’t believe it had we been told that soon we wouldn’t be able to go to the pub for a pint, attend the cinema with friends or even visit our elderly relatives. Nobody was prepared for the unprecedented changes that were to come, least of all our local businesses who rely on footfall based sales.

We understand that companies are struggling during this challenging time and for many the lack of income is enough to put some out of business. That is why, now more than ever, it is important to support the local businesses who are now trying to continue their operating through delivery or collection services.

As web designers we know that advertising online is integral to promoting these types of services and many businesses don’t have a website and simply can’t afford to invest in one right now. That is why we created this space for local companies, who may or may not have an online presence, to advertise their services and reach people who need their products.

We also hope to unite the city in supporting each other through difficult times and fostering that great community spirit that we love about Dundee.

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